Some of the world’s most luxurious goods are sold through auction-like formats including residential real estate. Simply put, increased and more highly engaged competition always equates to an increased sales price. Motivated buyers are not restricted to submitting their “best” offer, but rather, sellers can watch the competition in real-time and adjust their offers accordingly in order to one-up the competition. Sellers are protected by a “reserve” bid, where all-bets-are-off unless a set dollar amount is met.

Propertybid's technology provides a cutting advantage whether you are negotiating a single offer or engaged in a bidding war.

Stay in control as you watch the bidding climb in real-time, free of sign-backs, time pressures and seller anxiety.

Better Price. Better Process. Better Experience.

Help sellers test price elasticity in the marketplace- and get a true sense of what a property's value is really worth.

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