The magic of the bidding market is that it is fueled by human behavior that instinctively does not like to lose. There is nothing more powerful than wanting something somebody else wants. If it’s worth it to that couple…It’s worth it to us.


Most home buyers surveyed, who lost a bidding war or offer, said they would have paid above what the house actually sold for. Most said that they would have paid up to 10-15k more.  Don't ignore this extra financial benefit.


Don’t let the selling price of your biggest asset be determined by chance, simply because that’s the way it’s always been done. Transparent bidding is the NEW and only way to achieve true market value.


Achieve a top-selling price for your property by letting the market take its course. Why stop short at one-only offer submissions? Give your buyers the opportunity to come back and outbid their competition. You win, when they win.

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