Real Estate Agents

With Propertybid's fully transparent platform, agents can eliminate any concerns, liabilities or exposures to ethical breaches relating to dual agency deals and bidding wars.  Our platform captures all registered bidders data and stores for 1 year - fully compliant with Bill 801.

Propertybid is a powerful marketing differentiator at the listing table and a great sales tool to help your clients fetch top dollar while providing a more engaged and better selling experience. Our technology shortens the sales process by delivering a guaranteed outcome on a specific date and accelerating client/buyer decisions.

  • Better manage client expectations as bidders compete in real-time towards smoother closings.
  • Generate new business by hosting a better seller/buyer experience and showcase your profile to interested spectators logged on to watch the bidding action.
  • Access the Propertybid platform anywhere, anytime.

What does this cost me? 

We are completely free to Selling agents. Keep 100% of your commissions- and pay us nothing. Better yet- we can help you find buyers too! We also don't charge any Buyers commissions.



Buying agents can arm their clients with the confidence and control to enter bidding wars without the concern of overpaying through an alternative blind offer process.  Accessed from anywhere and anytime, Propertybid’s platform puts you and your clients on a level playing field to participate in a “welcoming”, transparent and fair process. Your buying client will arrive at a fair market-driven price without the fear of losing their dream-home to a slightly lower bid.

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